I’m out of time so going back is not an option. I want to get across really bad. Even though the cliff is a dangerous way to get across the adrenaline rewards will be amazing. I'm now thinking to myself - I don’t even have a parachute to help me land. Where does one even buy one of those things anyway? I don’t have time to wait for an Amazon shipment out in the forest.

I jump off…

Now that I’m free falling I know there’s no way of backing out. I’m committed. But wait dude, how are you going to land?…


This is my page where I like to share my thoughts and some life experiences on matters that concern a number of us. I write about subjects of my interest (mainly self-improvement) which I hope will benefit someone out there. I believe I have a message to share.

My name is Kwabiwe (commonly known as KB), which is pronounced k'waβiːwɜ or a bit like wah-bee-way. The name means "shared" or "it's been shared" in Ndebele.

As you can tell, I’m just an ordinary dude with high ambitions. I just want to make a difference on big scale. That'll all.