Why I Don’t Care About You. Why You Shouldn’t Care Either.

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I stride into the gym, gym bag swaying on one shoulder and my protein shake bottle in one hand. I’m ready to get this workout on. I head to the locker room and then I realise my gym clothes are missing in my bag. Damn it! I’m still in my work shirt and tie right now. What to do? I have two options, make the excuse not to work out because I don’t have my gym attire then go home. Or, I take my tie off, pick up some weights and train. I went for the latter. Best decision of my life. Ok, I lie. I’ve made better decisions than deciding to get sweat all over my work shirt and church shoes. Just as a side note, had I forgotten my headphones then I definitely wouldn’t have been working out that day. High five if you can relate. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Care About You. Why You Shouldn’t Care Either.”

Lack of Sleep Makes You Stupid. Seriously.

First of all, yes, you do become stupid (ish) if you don’t sleep properly. You may have a sleeping disorder causing you not to be able to get quality sleep if any at all. If that’s the case you best seek professional advice or consult your doctor.
Disclaimer: this is not a how-to guide on how to sleep either.
That being said there are those people who just choose to sleep less purposely because they are too “busy”. That’s dangerous. Let’s get to it.

Continue reading “Lack of Sleep Makes You Stupid. Seriously.”